Python’s Bug Tracker is the official page to report any and all Python bugs you may encounter. While it is a good place to go if you think you’ve found a legitimate bug, it’s also a great place to meet other Python developers who may be able to help you (or validate your findings). Using the bug tracker, it’s possible to start a dialogue with other developers similar to other developer message boards, and if you’re lucky you may just be able to solve whatever issue or bug you encountered that brought you to the board in the first place. 

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The Python Bug Tracker is a great place to get involved with the Python community and also a great place to get help if you need it. There have been thousands of questions asked and bugs reported and a lot of them have been answered or fixed, so it’s also a good place to go to search through the old topics to see if your problem has already been solved before. If you’re a Python developer and you’re unaware of the bug tracker it’s definitely worth your time to pay it a visit.

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